Review and Giveaway

Not sure if I mentioned that on Saturday’s run the ball of my left foot started to hurt around mile 6. The pain never left and continued all the way to the end. It didn’t hurt walking on it, but by the time I got home it was sore. One of the coaches told me that it could be a slight case of plantar fasciitis and that I should ice it and use a tennis ball, which I have been doing. What also helped was my nifty pair of PR Soles, which were provided to me by Gone For A Run.

When I first received them (about a month ago) and tried them on I wasn’t so sure about them. They hurt the bottom of my feet and I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to wear them after a long run, but then I tried them on with socks and what a difference. Once I threw on the socks they felt really good and actually massaged my feet. I have to admit that I started wearing them as my slippers because they felt so comfy. Gone For A Run has several benefits listed for the PR Soles:

  1. Improves circulation by stimulating blood flow, which will refresh the feet and legs.
  2. Breaks up accumulated wastes such as lactic and uric acid in the feet.
  3. Alleviates foot, leg and lower back pain.
  4. Reduces swelling and tension.
  5. Stimulates nerve endings benefiting the entire body.
  6. Feet and legs recover faster.

After Saturday’s run I was hoping that the PR Soles would do all of that plus some and I do really think they helped. My tired feet didn’t feel as tired and the massaging soles made them feel gooooooood. I plan on taking them with me to DC and using them after my half.

Now how do you benefit from this review, well  Gone For A Run has offered one my readers $20 to use on their site. If you haven’t visited their site before, you have been missing out. Their site is a runner’s dream. They sell everything from the PR Soles, to jewelry to bib frames and everything else any runner is looking for. They are awesome and very well organized plus fairly priced. How do you enter, you ask. Look below.

You will receive an entry for each item you participate in. Post me a comment for each one please.

1. Follow my blog and leave me a comment that you follow and what you would use it $$ for.

2. Follow me on instagram @lospitale and leave me a comment letting me know

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6. Now that you follow both myself and Gone For A Run on Twitter tweet the giveaway with both @lospitale and @GoneforaRUN

The giveaway will be run until next Monday. Good luck and let me know what you would use the gift certificate for.


BEAfter I got home this past Saturday