My New Best Friend & My Worst Enemy

So yesterday I ran a shorter run for the simple fact that my sister and I were going to a kick boxing class, which I knew would kick my a**.

Our warmup consisted of lots of stomach exercises, which I hate, as well as burbies, which are one of my biggest enemies. We kicked the bags a** and finished up with some partner exercises, in which our coordination, or should I say lack off, made us laugh more then work.

I was expecting to be in pain, but due to my new best friend I felt great today. Have I introduced you to my roller, I haven’t well here he is!


He’s big and he is orange, but I warn you he will poke. He feels so good that I have even caught my husband using him. Now get your mind out of the gutter. My Garam roller is great at loosening leg muscles after a run, but I have to admit my favorite part is when it cracks my back. It’s like having  a personal chiropractor whenever you need it. I truly recommend it for anyone who works out, lifts weights, runs or just needs their back cracked!


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