Sneaky Runner

Between work, the family and having my monthly 1 hour to myself hair appointment I wasn’t sure when I would run. I used to run several years ago on a regular basis. I ran until I was 6 months pregnant with my second daughter and most of that was on a treadmill. Once she was born my whole life changed. I had 2 beautiful children and a major job change that required me to travel and wake up way to early. I craved running, but the craving was never as big as my craving for ice cream. I tried to run multiple times over the last 4 years but I never got back into the groove, until this summer.

Even when I started running this summer there were times I would skip several days in a row. I always had this dream of running a marathon but once I began running again it never seemed possible. I kept running and doing my best to increase my distance and to keep to it on a regular basis. I struggled…

Until…. We went to Disney in October. We stayed at the Boardwalk and for the first time ever I took running clothes with me and I ran! I would get up earlier then everyone else and go running. We would spend day and night in the parks and I would still get up at 6:30am to go for a run. Not only was I running but I was running further then when I was home and it was during that trip that I knew that I was going to run a half marathon and my dedication has been there since.


Part of my Disney runs I would go from my hotel to Epcot and around to Hollywood Studios. It was such a rush!

Which leads me to days like today when I am itching to run and I want to run, not for training purposes, but just because I want to run. All morning I thought about it and thanks to girl scouts I was able to sneak it in after work and before picking the girls up from school. A 4 mile run at a 9:23 mile pace, not bad I have to say.

If you just started running keep going, it gets easier. Just focus on the rush that you will get after your run is done! Good luck and happy running. Remember to leave me a comment and let me know what gets you going.


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