Running away

What a weekend! Michael and I took off Friday, dropped the girls at my sister’s and ran away to an overnight trip to Atlantic City, NJ. It was a day filled with great food, pampering and great laughs.

I made reservations at the spa for some well needed TLC, and I have to say it was the best massage ever. The massage included a heated table, aroma therapy, feet wraps and warm towels. After the massages we utilized the mineral baths and the best part was the alone time with my husband.

We met Michael’s aunt and uncle for dinner and what a fantastic dinner it was. One of out appetizers started with eating a flower that made your tongue tingle and numb, it was really cool. Our entree was a prime steak still on the bone and it was the best steak we ever had.


After dinner we gambled for a couple hours and in the end we came home with a huge win of $17! Lucky us, actually the lucky part was spending time with the hubby for his birthday without having to hear “Mama, Mama, Mama”all day long.

I was really excited to run on the boardwalk and I actually ran on the beach for the first time ever. It was cold and windy and I ran a little more then 4 miles. I was planning on running further, but I had some technical difficulties with my phone so I cut it short.


On our way home my husband had the brilliant idea of stopping in Manhattan for donuts at the Doughnut Plant. It was his birthday so I couldn’t object, besides the fact that their creme brulé donuts are to die for. We first stopped and tried artichoke pizza at Artichoke Pizzaria, can you say yummy. We then picked up the donuts, which I lost count after we ordered 8 creme brulé donuts. No cake for Michael but instead donuts with a candle in it.


After running yesterday day for Meg and celebrating life it just makes me realize even more how blessed I am. I am blessed to have my family, my friends and to be able to run. Life is short don’t forget to reflect on what you have and see how blessed you are.

Don’t forget to leave me comment. Let me know why you are blessed and if you ran for Meg.


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