Nike Run Great, iTunes Not So Great!

Great run today. Five miles completed, each no slower then 9.18 per mile, hey that is pretty fast for my short legs. It was windy, but not terribly cold. I used my Nike Run app as I always do and I am sure as many of you fellow runners do.


Later this evening my daughters, who on their day off today went to go see Frozen for the second time with my wonderful husband, wanted to download some music. For 2 hours all I heard was “Let It Go” from 2 different bedrooms, and did I mention neither one of them is a mini Idina Menzel. At the time I downloaded some new music for myself to add to my running playlist. When I finally tried to download them, it didn’t work! So frustrated! It is on my iPhone under artists, but it won’t add it to the playlist. I tried everything and it won’t work.

So here I am after a great run, all excited to add new music, so my next run would be even more exciting and instead I am left with itunes laughing at me. I tried every fix and nothing worked.   I am now left pouting as I think of the snow that is about to arrive tomorrow.

What do you listen to when you run? What gets you motivated to go out in the cold? Let me know!


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