Living On A Snowy Edge

Some may say I am crazy, some may say I am stupid, I say that life is too short and you have to go for what you want. Once again I put on my many layers of clothing and trekked out into the snow covered streets of Long Island.

The streets were dark, covered in snow and the air was cold, to the point that the inside of my nose would form icicles. Yahoo weather says it is 12 degrees outside but feels like 0 degrees. It was me, my layers, my sneakers and my music. My goal was 4 miles, my last snow run I completed a 5K. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, especially to those marathoners who I admire, but for me 4 miles on snow filled streets is a huge accomplishment. I am training for a half marathon with Team In Training and I am raising funds for Leukemia Lymphoma Society in memory of my Uncle who passed away too quickly from cancer. My longest run has been 7 miles and I am proud of those 7 miles, a year ago I wasn’t running at all. A year ago I ached to run, but didn’t have the motivation to go out and do it. A year ago I wasn’t sure if I could even run 5 miles and now I am on a positive course to 13 miles and I know I will do it.

Okay back to tonight’s run. It was cold and snowy and at times slippery, but it was fun. My finger tips started to freeze and hurt for awhile, but in the end the run was exhilarating.  I had a supervisor, who I now call my friend, that used to tell me all the time, “You aren’t living unless you are living on the edge,” and tonight was one of those nights. I was alive! I felt alive! I felt accomplished and I know that I succeeded. I don’t own a treadmill and for awhile I wanted one, thinking I could never go out in the cold, but my husband was against it, calling it a coat hanger. Now I am glad I don’t own one nor do I ever want to own one. I felt free tonight, relaxed and full of happiness. For those of you who read this, thank you. For those of you who run, what gets you feeling free? Leave me a comment, let me know.

Happy Snow Trails


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