Snow, smoothies and more!

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When will this bitter cold end!?! I actually ran late morning today, since I was going to work late. The sun was shining so I figured it wouldn’t be that cold, but boy was I wrong! When I first started I struggled with my breathing. I was running much slower but I just couldn’t seem to catch my breath, did I mention that the snow is still on the ground, it was 12 degrees and it was windy. I initially had my mouth covered but I actually uncovered it and was able to breathe much more smoothly. I ran a little faster today then my last snowy run. Running through the local assisted living community helped since their sidewalk was completely clean, but I did get some strange looks.  I ran 4 miles, but I am looking to complete a 7 mile run and this weather has not been helping.

I was very excited once I got home because I made a very yummy smoothie, which included strawberries, mangoes, blueberries, skim milk and a little non-fat yogurt. The only thing missing was kale, I love green smoothies.


Yummy and even more delicious since my cup represented our favorite football team.

Once I was done with my run, my shower and my smoothie off to work I went. As I was leaving my house I chuckled at the below sight. There on my mat was my snow boots and my sneakers lined up next to each other. The reason I chuckled was for the simple fact that with all the snow on the ground I have actually worn my sneakers more then my boots. The best part is that they will be used this weekend in Manhattan, looking forward for a run in the city streets.

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Happy Shoes!

What places get you excited about running in?

What is your favorite smoothie recipe.

Leave me a comment and let me know!


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