Super Girl

This morning driving to work I received the biggest compliment. I was listening to a local NY radio station (92.3 Now) when the DJ Ty Bentli mentioned that he purchased a pair of sneakers several weeks ago, but he hasn’t used them because it has been too cold. Actually, he said that he has been using them as slippers. He asked his listeners to call in and tell him what they have been avoiding to do because of the cold. I knew this was my chance!


I called the station and on the first try it rang. After several rings Brian at the station answered the phone I told him that I have done the exact opposite. I told him how I went running in the snow yesterday and we had a conversation about 1/2 marathons and training with Team In Training, Brian did the same thing last year.

When I was put on the air Ty first called me a jerk and told me that I was making him and other listeners look bad. It was a great conversation and in the end he called me Super Girl! It was awesome. As I mentioned in my last blog, some may think I am crazy, some may think I am stupid, but some think I am a Super Girl.

I think any woman who runs is a Super Girl. It doesn’t matter if you run on the road, the beach or a treadmill, your still amazing. Many of us runners work full-time, many get up really early or go to bed really late, many of us are moms, wives or even caretakers. Our lives are busy and if you can still find the time to run you are a SUPER GIRL! Stay Strong and keep running.

What keeps you motivated in the cold? Do you run but avoid doing something else because of the weather, if so what is it? Let me know. Leave me a comment.



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