The crazy life!

Life has been crazy lately or should I say work has been. Not much time to breathe. Today was my one and only day off and all I did was run around. We celebrated my husband’s birthday with the family and when I wasn’t cooking or entertaining I was working.

Yes that is 4 boxes from the bakery and yes that is a blackout cake!

image (3) image (4)

Tomorrow I am back in NYC for work and this time I will be staying over, which I plan on taking complete advantage of and running my little heart out. The views by The New School are breathtaking, but I don’t want to spoil them because I promise to share. The run is actually what is motivating me to work tomorrow, it is my reward, especially after the delicious mini cannoli’s I had tonight. Funny how my reward is the run not the cannoli’s.

What motivates you? How do you handle the stress of work? How do you manage to balance it all? As you know, yesterday I ran late before going to work, when do you fit it in?


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