NY State Of Mind

Ever since I knew I had to stay in Manhattan for work I was dreaming about my run. I started the day in heels and worked 8 hours in them so to simply say I was missing my roller is an understatement. I really needed it for the bottoms of my feet, which are still achy, but they felt great while I ran!

At first I was a little disappointed because I was supposed to stay at a different hotel which would of put the Freedom Tower in my line of vision, but instead I was no where near it. The good news was that the temp was 30 degrees, at least 18 degrees warmer then my last 4 runs. It was so nice to run and not worry about snow on the ground or if my face was going to freeze off. It was also nice not having to wear 10 layers of clothes.

Once I began running my smile grew. It is amazing running through the streets of Manhattan. NYC is rich in culture and as I started running further downtown I started entering historical areas rich in culture.

image (3)

Welcome To Chinatown

image (5)

Welcome To Little Italy!

It was so much fun entering Chinatown and Little Italy as I ran, I felt like I was traveling around the world. As I continued to run uptown I passed the Manhattan Bridge. I thought about going over the bridge, but the passenger walk through was a little dark and creepy and safety always comes first when running.

image (6)

Would you have ran this bridge?

As I continued uptown I started to get a glimpse of my highlight of the night. I started running towards The Empire State Building. Nothing like seeing one of New York’s most famous landmarks to motivate you to go further. I must of looked like a fool as I smiled towards the sky, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to keep going until I could touch it. I never did but once again it was for safety purposes, I didn’t want to run up some dark shady looking streets while running alone. I did get a creepy picture of myself with the building behind me and that satisfied me enough. I continued to run and realized it was almost 11pm so that is when I returned to my hotel. I ran a total of 6 miles at an average of 9.12 a mile. 

image (4)The more I run the more I want to run in new locations and add them to my collection of running memories. Right now I don’t have any medals, but I will May 4th but until then my medals will be a collection of maps all stored in my NikeRun app. I will say that so far my favorite place to run is Disney World and I promise next year I will run their half marathon.

Where do you love to run? What is the most unique place you have ran?   How do you save those memories? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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