Tired Feet

So after last nights exciting 6 mile run in Manhattan I couldn’t fall asleep. I was in a hotel by myself on an adrenaline rush. I finally shut the lights at Midnight with a wake up at 5am. I could of survived the 5am wake up if I slept the whole night, but all I could do was toss and turn. I still got up at 5am and got ready for work, while dragging my very tired body and my even more tired feet.


Tell me you don’t see the circles under my eyes and that is after makeup!

Once I was ready to go I actually walked to where I had to be. I did this in my heels while dragging my luggage, laptop bag and purse. The walk was about 2 miles and let me tell you it was the highlight of my day. It was actually 32 degrees, much warmer then it has been and there was no wind. It was cool enough that I swear my dark circles went away, the Starbucks cappuccino also helped.

Once I got to work I was literally on my feet for 12 hours and I was running around the whole time. My feet are exhausted, but I am at least finally home. As soon as I am done typing, which will be very soon I plan on rubbing my feet on favorite orange roller. I have been dreaming about him since last night.


Remember this guy from one of my earlier posts?

 I am looking forward to a great nice sleep, half a day of working, teaching my daughter’s religion class and hopefully getting a run in sometime in between.

What do you look forward to when you are tired?

How do you relax your feet?


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