Glutton For Punishment

I swear I am glutton for punishment. I started my morning at 4:45am in the snow. My trip to the city was a slippery mess, but I have to admit it looked beautiful.

After 12 and half hours of being on my feet at work, did I ever mention that new openings suck, I came home, cleaned up, took care of my babes and then decided I was going to go for a run.

At 9:40pm I left my house, exhausted with very little energy and went on a run. My motivation was led by several things:I haven’t ran in 2 days, I have my Team In Training Kickoff tomorrow, the night was so peaceful, I think I love running in the snow and I reached $1,500 in my donations!

There was no wind but the temp was 17 degrees, I should of really checked it before leaving because I only wore 1 pair of running pants and they weren’t thick enough. When I first began my run my legs were freezing, they finally warmed up but when I got home they were all red and blotchy. My feet were tired and sore, but they survived. I do think it is time to retire my sneakers, which I was planning on doing anyway with the training for the half marathon. It is time for me to get some new gear.

image (14)Yes that is snow around my feet.

During my run I ran into an assistant living development, which I am officially going to call a running tip. Running in a retirement community you are almost guaranteed for lots of lights at night as well as after it snows they are very quick to plow the sidewalks and in Long Island finding sidewalks to run is very difficult to begin with. Tonight though there was a small section that still had fresh fallen snow and I crushed it! I was the first to step into it and I could hear the sound of the snow under my feet being pulverized. It was awesome!

image (12) Footprints in the snow!

By the time I got home it was 10:20pm and I have to be up at 5am again, but I am looking forward to tomorrow’s Team In Training event and meeting the coaches and my team. I am hoping to make some running buddies that hopefully live near by.

I am now no longer feeling tired, but instead motivated. So wish me luck on getting some sleep.

What is your favorite running tip?

When you need to get to sleep but feel wired like I do now how do you actually fall asleep?

Finally, for those of you who are following my blog, what would you like to see more of?


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