Just One Of Those Days





It has been just one of those kind of weeks that warranted a glass of my favorite moscato as I sit here and write this. I don’t think I can remember picking up a glass of wine and drinking it on my own, actually I don’t think I have ever done it. I have to tell you that I actually crave this wine it is so good. It is a definite must try when it comes to wine, especially if you love a sweet refreshing wine.

photo (2)

Actually today was a drink kind of day. I had no motivation to get out of bed after the long week I had and am looking forward to crawling back in. I started the day with my coffee in my Disney Queen of Hearts evil queen mug, yes it was that kind of day. I love these mugs because the evil queens are beautifully evil, the way I like to be….

image (22)

As the day continued I went through another cup of coffee and lots of water before I decided to drive to Target to get some things I needed. When I was in Target I picked up a carton of Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. I have never seen this before and I was very excited because 2 of my favorite things have been packaged together. I ran back home and of course pulled out another evil queen mug because as I mentioned it was just that kind of day.

image (23)


The almond milk was good cold, but I decided to heat it up to make a quick hot chocolate and once it was warm I added some whipped cream, because once again it was just one of those days. It was yummy! Rich, silky and creamy all at the same time and only 100 calories!

image (24)

Once the girls got home I took them to get our nails done. My feet have been killing me all week and I needed the pampering.

Brianna was all shy as they did her nails. She sat on my chair with me the whole time, but she loved every minute of it.

image (20)

Isabella is my 9 year old going on 15. She had her nails painted the Bronco colors for Super Bowl.

image (19)

I just had a good time getting pampered and spending time with my girls.

Tomorrow morning I start my official half marathon training with Team In Training. I am really excited because I plan on getting new sneakers and finally I will be properly fitted. It is also going to be a very busy day since we host Super Bowl and we still have lots of shopping to do, but I know we will get it done.

I am now looking forward to a great nights sleep. What are you looking forward to? Do you ever have just one of those days and if so what do you go to?  Have you ever done Team In Training, if so what did you love about it?

Leave me comment and let me know



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