Naughty Me!

At our house Super Bowl is the party of the year. We host Christmas and birthday’s but Super Bowl is the party about friends, beer, chili and football. The morning started with Brianna’s swim class at the YMCA. Anyone who is familiar with the Y knows that they use a bubble system and today Brianna went bubble-less for the first time! We were very excited because she is officially a swimmer.

The weather outside was like spring and I was itching to go out and take a run. My husband kept looking at me like I was crazy. So after giving baths, running to the store, making mashed potatoes I ran out the house and finished 5 miles with a 9:30 pace. It was beautiful out and I was excited to wear my Team In Training shirt. Doesn’t it look great on?

image (4)

Naughty me, I already broke the Team In Training rules, since today supposed to be a day of rest, but the season just started and I know tomorrow will be tough to get out there, I also ran more miles then I was supposed to but my body is capable of it. It felt good to run at my faster pace and my longer mileage then yesterday’s short and slower run.

Now it is time to finish setting up for Super Bowl.  Have fun tonight but remember to be safe. What’s on your menu? How long did you run this weekend? Let me know.


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