Saying Goodbye

Last night was a success. Super Bowl sucked but our party didn’t. It was all about good food, family and friends. We were tired last night and couldn’t wait for bed. At 5am the phone rang and it was the school district telling us that schools were closed due to snow! Yes we had more snow and yes it was about 8 inches. I can’t stand it! I can’t wait for Spring. The only good thing was that it was warm today so shoveling today wasn’t so bad.

Today was actually all about tonight. My nephew, who is also my godson, is leaving for California on Wednesday and tonight was his goodbye dinner, or as he called it his last supper. Both him and his brother came over and it was such a great night. When they were little they would come out for weekends and every time they came we would make Chicken Teriyaki and molten lava cakes with homemade whip cream so that is exactly what we made. The boys, I say boys but they are going to be 20 and 21 in the next couple of months, were so excited for the nostalgic meal.

image (8)image (7)

During dinner we reminisced and laughed over the times they did sleepover. It was so nice, but I have to say sad at the same time. After dinner I made sure to take pics of the girls with their favorite cousins. I wanted to capture tonight since I know it will be awhile before they are all together. My girls adore their cousins, they are like big brothers to them and to me they were my first babies. I was basically 17 and 18 when they were born and I was the babysitter. They lived minutes from my house and once I was married they would come and stay over, including for 2 summers they stayed for a week. It was awesome and now they live down the block.

image (5) image (6)

The girls had so much fun with them tonight and so did I. We laughed a lot and we had a great night of fun memories. Don’t ever take family for granted. Make sure you spend whatever time you can with them because major life decision can happen at anytime making it difficult to see the ones you love. As I keep mentioning my girls adore their cousins and they know he is leaving but I don’t think they will really realize it until they don’t see him for all the spring birthday’s that are coming up or the holidays. I know he will come home and visit, otherwise we will kick his butt, but it isn’t the same as knowing he lives just down the block.

We are proud of our nephew and we know he will do great things, but we are selfish as well. We will miss him, but we will make sure he visits. We have another night of celebrating tomorrow and then off he goes to the other side of the country, from one big city to another. Starting a new life as the rest of us did when we were in our 20’s and 30’s but it was different because that was us, not our children or our nieces and nephews. Funny how everything changes and how everything comes back around from when we were young. Until tomorrow.

How do you celebrate goodbyes? Did you ever have to say goodbye to someone you loved as they traveled to create a new beginning?


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