Running For Freedom!

So more snow is on the way and because of it I am stuck sleeping in Manhattan by myself away from my family for the next 2 nights. I hate when I am away from my girls and my husband, seeing all of their faces makes my life complete each day.

Since I am stuck in the city I did take advantage and went for a 4 mile run. I have to say it was awesome! I ran down to the Freedom Tower, which was my goal. Once I got there, and the building stood right in front of me, I stopped and took a deep breath in. I paused for all those who died for our freedom  and I paused to remind myself of the love that I am able to celebrate every day. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am.

image (3)

Once I had my moment of meditation I ran back up towards my hotel, which is pretty unique itself. My room is small but cool looking. Check out the photos over my bed.


Okay, back to my run. I was very excited because my hotel is around the corner from Washington Square Park. Why does that excite me you ask? Well I went to NYU for 2 years before I transferred to Stony Brook, which is where I met my husband. I used to hang out in Washington Square Park. It was so nostalgic. It made me smile. I was smiling while I reminisced over the buildings I took classes in, the buildings I hung out in and the spots in the park that I used to sit and eat lunch at. I felt like I was in college again.

image (2)

I have to say that I love my destination runs. I actually crave them. The runs are fun, they are exciting and they are unique. It gives my run another purpose and it is a change of scenery. It’s funny some people love to collect frequent flyer miles or stamps in their passport, I instead realize I love to collect new running maps in my Nike+ Running app. It is my goal to add as many new locations as possible. Maybe one day I will take it internationally, but for now I will keep it to the US. Where will my sneakers take me next.

What is your favorite spot to run? Where do you wish you could run? What is your dream run spot? Leave me a comment and let me know.


2 thoughts on “Running For Freedom!

  1. One of my favorite places to run, is without a doubt, Central Park, the big loop, going all the way north, the great hills are killers, but looking down to the Harlem Meer is fantastic.

    • I have never ran in Central Park but it is on my list to do. Thanks for commenting! I am currently training with Team In Training and if I raise enough I will be able to run a half marathon in San Diego, which I know I will never be able to do. One of my other destinations to hit is DC.

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