Disney Take Me Away!

Stuck in the city for one more night. Literally worked from 6am – 9:30pm so there was no running. I plan on getting up at 5am tomorrow so I can run. My goal is 3 miles if I do more I will be thrilled. The issue is that it supposed to be 19 degrees and I don’t have my lightweight down jacket that I use when it is under 25 degrees.

I have no pictures to post so I am going to post a couple of Disney pics from our family trip in October. This weather makes me wish I was in Disney again. It was warm and I ran in shorts, right now I feel like shorts season is never going to happen. Hope you like them.

DSC02970 DSC03453 DSC03182

Does winter have you down? How about the snow? Where do you wish you were right now? What is your favorite family destination?


4 thoughts on “Disney Take Me Away!

  1. Luckily winter in Spain is very mild. You get a lot of rain, but that’s it.
    In Seville however, summer is cruel, it’s gets too hot, so I’m somehow not looking forward to the winter to end.

  2. Wow, WalkToRio, you are so lucky! I have friends that live in Spain and I hear it is beautiful. It has been freezing in NY and lots of snow, but I haven’t let it stop me. Thanks for leaving me a comment!

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