Slept In My Running Clothes

If you read my post yesterday you would know that my goal was to run a short 3 mile run this morning. The weather was cold and slightly windy and I was waking up at 5am to run while staying in a hotel in Manhattan. I actually got up and ran 5 miles! I was very excited because my plan was 3 and I ran 2 extra miles.


I have to admit that for the first time ever I partly slept in my running clothes last night in order to make it easier to get out. I wore my pants and socks to bed. I thought about sleeping in my shirt, but I couldn’t handle wearing a sports bra to bed so I changed when I got up this morning. I have read in several different articles that you should wear your running clothes to bed when you have to get up really early because it will actually get you out easier and I think it worked!

For this morning’s run I decided to head towards midtown NY. I started out on Waverly Place, which if you are counting up it would be considered about 7th Street (doesn’t exist). I went all the way to 46th Street and then turned around and came back down and back around Washington Square Park. Funny, during my run I passed Limelight Shops, which originally was a church, but when I was in college it was a club, yes a club in an old church, it was really cool.

image (10)

During my run there was a homeless man standing against a building that same man was still there when I was going to work. This time he was asking for money, I had a banana in my bag which I offered to him. He became very excited and thanked me so then I handed him a coconut water I had, he told me I rocked and that I made his day. I have to say I felt really good about it, but it also made me realize even more how blessed I am.

Today really was a great day. I ran 5 miles, helped a homeless man out, left work by 1pm and I am back home in my bed with my family around me. So blessed.

Do you ever sleep in your running clothes? If so why? Have you ever helped a stranger out and received a great reaction or maybe it was a bad one? How was your run today, did you meet your goal?


2 thoughts on “Slept In My Running Clothes

  1. That club was Avalon, I had so many fun nights there. Was sad when it closed down.
    I’ve never slept in my running clothes, mainly because I got used to taking a quick shower before going out. It’s not even a shower, I just let the water run over me for 1 minute. Feels great.
    But I have to leave everything ready.

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