I hate snow!

I hate snow! I really hate snow! I also hate ice! The snow and ice are so bad on my driveway that I fell tonight and landed on my knee. There is no major damage, but it is bothering me slightly. It is there and even though I am trying to ignore it I can’t. Doesn’t feel entirely right. So mad! I want to scream!

image (13)

Of course my slip was after a great Friday. Did I say Friday? Oh yes I did. I was able to work from home office, first time in 2 weeks. When I was picking up my little one from school I saw what is called a “Fire Rainbow.” They actually are not rainbows, but instead considered a rare cloud phenomenon. The last time I saw one was in Canada after my Uncle’s funeral, same Uncle I am running my half marathon for. It was much brighter that day, but there it was again today and all I could think of was m Uncle shining down on us. That angel in the sky.

image (12)

What I was really excited about was going to dinner with my husband to one of our favorite sushi restaurants. Not only is the sushi delicious but during the week they offer half price sushi, drinks and other apps. For dinner we shared chicken fried rice and 4 giant sushi rolls. We didn’t finish the rolls so we dropped them off for my nephew to eat after he gets home from work. My husband also had 2 beers and I had green tea and bill total was under $45 dollars and we had a gift card so actually our dinner was free! Did I mention that we went by ourselves while the girls stayed at my Mom’s.

image (11)

Then we went home and that is when I slipped, fell and I think hurt my knee. I don’t think it is going to get in the way of my running but I will need to keep an eye on it. Tomorrow is my second Team In Training run and I am excited, even though I have to leave the house at 6:15am. Early but worth it. All for a reason. All for a great cause.

What are you doing this weekend? Where are you running and with who? Early or late runs, which do you prefer?


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