Worst Sweet Tooth Ever

I love me some green smoothies. Now this is a real breakfast of champions. Pineapple, mango, banana, kale and spinach mixed with skim milk, yummy! It is so good and you can’t taste the spinach or kale. Love it! I get this smoothie every time I visit the Manhattanville campus for work.

imageI recommend everyone start their day with a green smoothie and yes that is 2 cups you see and yes I drank all of it. The second cup was smaller and not filled.

By the time lunch came I ate a healthy salad with roasted chicken, tofu and chickpeas (I love chickpeas). The problem after lunch was that I was teased by a dessert station filled with cookies, pies and bars.

IMG-20140212-00091What To Choose?

I finally decided on an oatmeal raisin cookie and a piece of the chocolate blondie. I swear it really wasn’t much and I was planning on running again today, did I ever tell you that I have the worst sweet tooth known to mankind.

I did run as I promised I would and it was a much better run then yesterday. My average mile was 9.27 and my fastest was 9.11, while yesterday it was 10.01 average and my fastest was 9.53.


I was pretty happy with my time considering that my leg muscles are very tight this week. I plan on rolling them out tonight. I actually started to but my 5 year old thought it was more fun if she rolled her behind on it then if I rolled my legs out.

At this point another snowstorm is coming tomorrow. I am supposed to go to the Brad Paisley concert tomorrow night but it is going to depend on the weather. I am hoping it doesn’t get cancelled because I am looking forward to a girls night out. I love going to concerts and one of my closest friends is also my concert buddy. She is a huge country fan so I got her the tickets for her 30th birthday.

Do you go to concerts? Who is your favorite artist to see? Do you like using a foam roller, if so where do you use it most? What is your biggest craving?


4 thoughts on “Worst Sweet Tooth Ever

  1. I love smoothies, but I refuse to try any green smoothie that isn’t kiwi or green mango.
    I have a sweet tooth too, but chocolate is one of the things that will never tempt me.
    I haven’t tried a foam roller yet, I gotta get one soon and give it try.
    As for concerts, I think the last one I went was at the MSG, a Madonna show, the Confessions Tour.

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