Snow Day, Again

We woke up to this:

image (1)


We also woke up to Brianna coughing and needing to nebulize and my chest was killing me from my cold, I don’t think yesterday’s run did me any good. There was no school today and Michael and I worked from home.

This meant pajama’s all day! None of us got dressed. It felt so good. It was all about chillin’ and snugglin’. What a great day!


I started the day with another smoothie but this time I made it and it consisted of vanilla almond milk, scoop of yogurt, frozen berries and frozen mango. It was yummy and I also had 2 cups of coffee because it made my chest feel so much better.

By the time dinner came along Michael and I decided on making a salad with chicken, oranges, beets and goat cheese. It was healthy and delicious.


Did you know snow days means lipstick day for almost 5 year olds.

image (2)

Tomorrow is a new day and it is also Friday! It is also Valentine’s Day and I haven’t shopped for anybody. No cards, no gifts, no goodies. Hopefully the roads are clear and shopping I can go.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? What do you do on snow days? Any home remedies for colds?  


One thought on “Snow Day, Again

  1. Today will be like any other Friday for us. Movies at home and a lot of chips and wine lol
    Hope you and Brianna get to feel better soon.
    Have a nice weekend

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