Grateful For A Tiger Tail

After being up at 3am with Brianna and the nebulizer and never falling fully back to sleep the 6am wake up was painful. I had issues with pants (put 3 different ones on before I finally settled on my 4th pair). Once I finally got out of my house I actually felt better. My cold didn’t hurt, physically feeling better then I have in days, it was much warmer then it has been (28 degrees) and I had beautiful snowflakes on my car windows.

photo image (6)As you can see the sun hadn’t even rose yet.

Once we arrived to the team I was pumped. My body felt good, my brain felt good and I wasn’t freezing. The 4 mile run flew by and I led the pack. I convinced someone to run a little further and we ran a total of 4.25, she didn’t want to push it otherwise I would of ran 5. I felt so good at the end, better then I have all week. I was really proud of myself and so glad I went to the Dr. yesterday.

So I have a new toy that I LOVE! Greatest invention ever. I am referring to the Tiger Tail. LOVE IT! I am loving the way it rolls out my thighs.

My thigh muscles, especially my IT band, have been killing me this week. I am not sure if it was my new sneakers or my cold making them hurt because they usually don’t get tight, but they did this week. Rolling them out felt so good and since I bought it the other day I use it multiple times in a day. It is really easy to use and it works really well. You can use it on most parts of your body and the reason I purchased it is because other runners swear by it. I plan on bringing it with me when I run my half.

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. I spent it with my sister, who fractured her collar bone last week slipping down the stairs. We went shopping for a little while and then hung out at my house, watched it snow (yes it snowed again!) and had Thai food for dinner. We then enjoyed molten lava cakes, thanks to my husband, with homemade whipped cream. I think I ate all the calories I lost from my run and then some, but it was worth every bite.

IMG_20140215_181211All in all it was a great day. Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday and the Brad Paisley concert that was postponed due to the snow. Once again another busy Sunday.

How have you been spending your weekend? How was your long run? What is your favorite post run ritual? 



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