Awesome PR!

I am so excited! Ran 4 miles tonight and I ran my fastest mile yet!
I went out early because I knew it was cold (20 degrees cold). It wasn’t windy which helped but the roads were the iciest that I have yet to experience. When you have as much snow as we do what should I expect. Did I mention we are getting more tomorrow!


Sorry, I know it is side ways but it wont turn!

I began my run a little slower due to ice and actually the air was so cold that I was covering my mouth. I felt good throughout my run, but once I hit 3 I stepped it up a notch. I didn’t think I was running as fast as I ended up running and I was shocked! I broke 9 minutes! I have never gone under 9 minutes until tonight. I was shocked but excited as well.


It felt so good! I can’t wait to go back out there and break it again because now that I did once I know I can do it twice!

What PR did you break that felt awesome?


5 thoughts on “Awesome PR!

  1. Way to go! That’s quite the accomplishment, especially when it’s so cold and snowy out! Maybe it was your body sending you subliminal messages that it was time to go back inside 😉

    My most awesome-feeling PR was squatting my own bodyweight. I felt like I was ready for it for awhile but never had a spotter. One day I just decided to go for it and I did it!

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