Sunday Funday!

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I am very excited for running this week because the weather is supposed to warm up to mid 40’s to low 50’s. It will feel like summer compared to the weather we are having. The crappy part is that before I get to enjoy the warm days I will have to run in some pretty cold weather later today, but I will survive.

Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t blog since I started. Did you miss me? Reason being was that Sunday turned into Funday! It was my Mom’s birthday yesterday so of course we had to celebrate. We started the day by taking my Mom shopping with my girls and my sister Vita. My sister Stefina actually shares her birthday with my Mom, but she lives in Florida so we didn’t see her. After shopping we went to my Mom’s for lunch and of course dessert.

image (8)My husband was very sweet and went to the bakery and bought some awesome cannoli’s and they were delic!

image (7)Once we were done celebrating my Mom’s birthday and we went back home my friend Mei and Stephanie picked me up for a girl’s night to the Brad Paisley concert, which was rescheduled after Thursday’s storm.

image (10)I bought the tickets for my friend Mei’s 30th birthday, she is a huge country fan. The concert was Danielle Bradberry (winner of The Voice), Chris Young (Who I think I may have a new crush on) and Brad. We had a blast. Brad Paisley was very funny and extremely entertaining. This is my second country concert and I am think I am being converted. BTW are seats were awesome and the picture below does them no justice.

image (9) No with a new week beginning I must get back into the groove of eating healthier and running harder. I am looking for a great running week due to feeling better and warmer weather. I hope your spirits are up and I hope your weather is perfect running temps. Looking forward to hearing from you all as your week goes on.

What did you do this weekend? What are your running plans for the week. Are you training for a run? Which one and how far?


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