Broke PR Again!

Today started out very backwards. I wanted to run and I wanted to run bad! I knew I wanted to get in a daytime run because it was supposed to be over 40 degrees out today. I was working from my home office and had to get a project done by noon so my goal was run after the project was done. I was dressed in my running clothes and ready to go once I could go, which turned into about 1pm. When I left my cave of an office and I looked outside, it was pouring out! Just my luck! Yahoo Weather app said that by 3pm it would stop raining. By 2:30pm it was still pouring out so I decided to take my shower and figured I would run tonight after my hair appointment.

What do you think happened? I swear I had just gotten dressed with my hair still wrapped in a towel when I looked out the window and it had stopped raining and the sun was trying to peak out. I said screw it. Got back into my running clothes and put my hair in a braid and threw my sneakers on.

It was my first run since December that I didn’t have a hat on my head, I was only wearing a thin shirt with a super light jacket and my regular running gloves. It felt amazing! It was actually warm outside and I could of probably ran with only one layer.

Everything was still wet from both the rain and the nasty snow melting, but  I felt great.

image (1)

Yes that is my driveway with a layer of thick ice

I decided to sprint my 4th mile and when I was done I couldn’t believe my time. I ran my 4th mile in 8.22! Yes, I beat my PR from earlier this week. I was amazed and I was so proud of myself.

imageMaybe  I can run my half marathon in 2 hours? Maybe I can train to run faster then I thought I could. I truly never thought I would be able to run a mile under 9, but now I have done it twice. In the past when I would sprint I would get times like 9:06 and now I am getting 8:22. Can’t wait to tell my coaches on Saturday.

As I mentioned earlier I didn’t wear a hat today, but I am always scared for my ears and the wind getting in them so I wore a bondiband. I just bought it about a week ago after several runners have raved about them. I don’t usually like headbands because they are either too tight or slide off my head. I wanted to try one so I bought it off of ebay in order to get it a little cheaper.  The band itself is made from stretchy sweatwicking fabric. It is very light weight and thick enough that you can cover your ears but thin enough that you can move it behind your ears and use it just keep your hair back. I never felt it on my head. It didn’t hurt and it didn’t slide. I plan on ordering several from their site. They have some cute ones with sayings that would be fun to wear while training and ones for race day as well.

Tonight I had my monthly hair appointment, which is usually alone adult time for me, but not this month. Michael was stuck at work so I had to take the 2 crazy girls with me. All they did was fight. Bella was tired from her sleepover and all she did was fight with Brianna. All Brianna did was run in circles and took pictures of herself with my phone.

imageOverall a great day. I plan on running tomorrow, but not going to try to break my PR.  I have a Pampered Chef party on Friday, which I need to prep for and I am still working from my office. It will be another busy day.

Have you found any new running gear that you love, if so what is it? How is your running week going? How do you normally get time to yourself to relax? 



One thought on “Broke PR Again!

  1. No doubt you’ll be able to run the half marathon under 2hrs.
    Sundays are my grooming days, the rest of the week I can’t be bothered.
    I don’t even shave on week days.

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