Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday’s team run was awesome! I ran 7.09 miles (2 miles more then I was supposed to) in 73 minutes. The weather was beautiful and the company was a lot of fun.

image (5)

We laughed, we slipped (ice everywhere) and we motivated each other. The view wasn’t so bad either.

photo (1)

After the run  I went home, showered and then met up with friends for a late breakfast. It was fun catching up.

This morning Brianna had swim class and I couldn’t resist taking this picture of Brianna and her best friend. They were sitting next to each other but they both moved closer to each other.

image (6)

After swim Michael and Isabella made me put my new toy to good use. Smoothies for everyone! Michael and I had a simple one made from bananas, chocolate almond milk and peanut butter.

image (7)

In the afternoon we celebrated my Mom’s 70th birthday today at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Prior to going Isabella made me straighten her hair, she is my 9 year old going on 15. So pretty.

image (8)

It was a great dinner and both my parents had a great time. It was a nice afternoon. Love my family. Life wouldn’t be the same without them.

photo (2)

Back to the weekly grind stinks after a great weekend, not looking forward to it. Also, after a beautiful warm weekend it supposed to get cold and even some snow is expected. Will it ever warm up?

What did you love about your weekend? Are you looking forward to anything this week? How was your run?


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