Hip Pain

My hip is killing me! I can’t understand why and it is making me grumpy and miserable. I had a fantastic run on Saturday, but I felt the soreness in my hip when I ran. With all the ice on the ground I was trying to brace myself and at times I could feel that it was affecting my run and I would feel stiffness in my hip. I stretched Saturday, I stretched Sunday and then had the most pain today. I stretched it out tonight as well, but it is achy. I have heat now but I think I need to put ice instead. I couldn’t run tonight and I am just besides myself. I am so disappointed.

Right now nothing can make me feel better, not even ice cream. I’m sorry but I have nothing else to say tonight. This soreness is not making me a happy runner. I am just hoping that I feel better tomorrow and can get back on the road.

Did you ever have hip pain? What did you do to make it feel better?


4 thoughts on “Hip Pain

  1. I had really bad hip pain and went to the PT. It turns out I have weak glutes. She gave me a bunch of glute and hip strengthening exercises and a couple of weeks later my hip pain was gone. Then I got some knee pain which I’m currently dealing with but that’s another story.

  2. Pain on the lateral side of my right hip… Bursitis. (Lucky me to work with orthopaedic surgeons)
    Ibuprofen, foam roller, stretches and strengthening worked for me. And gave me complete relief. Find out the cause so you don’t cause more damage. Also, once you know the cause, the plan to fix it is way easy!! Good Luck!

    • That is what I was afraid of. My friend has bursitis and hasn’t been able to run in awhile. It does feel better today, but I think I am going to take another day off from running. I have a foam roller so I will use that tonight. Thanks!

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