Fantastic Favorites Friday

I know I posted earlier about the upcoming giveaway, which was one way my Friday was fantastic, but there are lots of fantastic things this Friday.

1. Beautiful little girls in their future dance recital costumes. The girls get so excited when costumes arrive, how could I not share.

image (4) image (6)

2. Delicious healthy lunches, eaten alone in the peace and quiet while surfing the web. Today’s lunch included a green smoothie and a salad made with spinach, strawberries, cucumbers and quinoa cakes from Costco. They were pretty good and the smoothie was awesome! I used skim milk and added almond butter to it, delicious.

image (7)

image (8)

Yes that is a piece of bread drizzled with 18 year old balsamic vinegar

3. New Sneakers! New running sneakers are always great, but they are even better when they are RunDisney Cinderella sneakers. I have been wanting these since they teased everyone back in the fall. I was going to get my hands on a pair no matter what and they finally came today! Aren’t they pretty?

image (5)

4. Family Dinners: Love when the 4 of us go out to dinner and hangout as a family. What I love is that the girls love spending time with us just as much as we love spending time with them. Tonight we went to Bahama Breeze, which just opened up, and we were able to use gift cards to pay for the whole meal.

image (9)

These 2 are double trouble!

image (10)

This one is just adorable.

5. Upcoming Giveaways: I am so excited to have 2 great giveaways coming very soon. One for Pro Compression Marathon socks and one for Gone For A Run gift card. If you already don’t follow my blog make sure you do so you don’t miss the offers.

What is fantastic about your Fridays?

What is your favorite things?

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 


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