Hi my name is Lisa and I am addicted to ice cream. I love ice cream and lately I am eating it every day, including tonight over a warm chocolate chip cookie and a salted caramel that my husband made.

image (3)


I have to say it hit the spot, especially after today’s 6 mile run! Yes I ran today! I was a little nervous but my hip was feeling so much better yesterday and great this morning, but I wasn’t allowed to do anymore. After a full week of not running I did pretty good.



Don’t let the 27 degrees fool you. It was actually only 14 degrees when we started and it was cold. My Pro Compression socks were dual purpose, second reason being keeping my legs warm (Review will be in a later post). My fingers went numb at first but then I was given a great tip. Keep your hands facing down, this way the blood rushes to your finger tips. It worked, withing minutes my fingers were warm. The view was beautiful today, we were running on a preserve.

image (11)

The experience of running with a team is like no other. It is amazing how quickly you make new friends and you feel like you have known them forever. The runs go by so much faster having someone to do it with. I never thought I would be able to talk and run comfortably for such a long period of time, but I do. The bigger change is that I leave my headphones in the car, I don’t need them when I have a team to motivate me. I highly recommend the Team In Training experience, especially if you are looking to run your first big race (half or full marathon). They not only train you but they motivate you. You have this wonderful opportunity of making new friends, which I know I will be friends with for a long time. I can’t wait to run the half with my new family, DC is going to be amazing for so many reasons.

How was your long run?

What is your addiction? 

What else do you have planned for the weekend?


8 thoughts on “Addictions

  1. So glad you can run again! Weirdly, I’m not that crazy about ice cream (I know) but I did buy a 1 lb bar of Belgian chocolate in Trader Joe’s yesterday so I’ve got that going for me.

  2. That looks AMAZING. Ice cream is totally my weakness. Especially when topped with other delicious baked goods 🙂

    Congrats on running again! I just had a short 20-minute run today, tomorrow is my only day off so I plan on relaxing! I also have a little photoshoot which I’m looking forward to 🙂

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