Over The Weekend

Over the weekend….

I finally ran again after a week hiatus and I must post the beautiful scenery I had along the way. Did I mention it was a 6 mile run, which felt great.

image (11)

I wore my Pro Compression socks, which were awesome, and I promise before the week is over I will post my review and start the raffle for your own free pair!

Over the weekend we did a lot of cooking. Homemade caramel sauce, quesadilla’s, baked zita using fresh mozzarella and homemade ricotta (too die for) and cannoli cream, which meant we stuffed our own cannolis!

image (12)

I tried to stay home as much as possible and ice my hip/IT band, which really helped. I also used my tiger tail and roller in order to help with my hip/IT band.


We also prepped for the snowstorm of the century, which amounted to almost nothing. I really hate snow and I can’t wait for spring. The only thing I do love about the snow is when my little one is creative with the half an inch that is on the ground.

image (14)

Brianna drew a heart and Mickey in the snow!

Finally, what happened over the weekend is that my 9 year old got her first phone call from a boy in her class and of course my husband answered. He hovered over her the whole time. Brianna says after she is off the phone, he wants to kiss you. Which led to my husband saying  , “There is no kissing until you are married.” Bella’s response, “Having you as a Dad we’ll never get married.” All I could do was laugh. 

Any tips on raising daughters?

Any tips on making sure your husband doesn’t go over the edge over your daughter?



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