Today Is Thursday

So I started the morning with a smoothie, but boy did I mess this one up. The color was somewhat of a grayish brown and I used a spinach arugula mix as my green in my smoothie. Note to self, Arugula is great on a salad but not in a smoothie. I admit I drank it anyway.

image (3)

I did make a salad out of the arugula and spinach for lunch and that worked out much better. Arugula, spinach, black beans and a left over chicken cutlet with balsamic vinegar, yes just balsamic with no oil. I am strange like that. I love my salad with just vinegar and nothing else. I also had 2 small pieces of leftover quesadillas.

image (2)

I actually worked while I ate so I could sneak out during the daylight and take a run. I ran 4 miles today and once again I was able to get under 9 minutes for one of my miles, this is becoming a regular thing for me. My legs were very tight during the run and I wanted to run more but didn’t want to overdue it since my hip is finally feeling like normal. I am still icing it every night and using my tiger tail like crazy. I used my Nike+ app but I am considering buying a gps watch, I will take any suggestions.


Once I got back from my run I picked up my mail and I was happy to find my RoadID bracelet. One of my running friends was very upset with the fact that I run at night and don’t have any id on me. I like the RoadID bracelet because it allows you customize the information you put on there. I have my husband, sister and best friend’s cell on it. What is also cool about the RoadID bracelet is that you can take the id part off and move it to another id bracelet if need be. If your interested in purchasing one for yourself go to RoadID and use coupon code TAFAPQM8EA5 for a $1.00 off.

image (4)

So glad today is Thursday because that means tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend! I am looking forward to my team run as well as going to the outlets with my sister, new running clothes for me!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Do you carry ID when you run and if so what do you carry?


2 thoughts on “Today Is Thursday

  1. I hope you have a great weekend!!

    I’m looking forward to my day off on Sunday!! Finally a little bit of time to relax and re-charge. I rarely bring ID with me on a run but I always bring a credit card in case I break an ankle and need to take a cab home, haha.

    And I completely agree; arugula is not an optimal smoothie addition!

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