Beginning to Smell Summer

Booked my first summer concert today. Booking summer concerts always makes me feel like summer is around the corner, it is so close I can almost smell it. My concert buddy and I are officially going to go see Blake Shelton and The Band Perry. Next on our list is Katy Perry, anyone related to her and want to help a blogger out?

For whatever reason my leg is bothering me today. My hip feels like it needs to be cracked and using the Tiger Tail hurts. The muscles and IT Belt in my right thigh are stiff as can be. I have my long run tomorrow and I will get through it I just don’t want to hurt it further. It felt so much better at the beginning of the week, but today I was stuck at my desk typing a sales proposal and for whatever reason sitting makes it worse. I am officially 8 weeks away from the race and I need to feel better fast. I also don’t like not having control and this leg issue is driving me crazy! All I want to do is scream!

It is so frustrating, wanting to achieve something that I never thought I could achieve and hitting a wall. I never thought about running when I was younger, I especially never thought about running long distances. To me running this half is achieving the impossible. I never was an athlete nor did I ever have the opportunity to participate in a sport. Last year for my birthday my husband bought me my very first bike, I never thought I would ride a bike comfortably but at the young age of 37 I did. Now at 37 I am trying to run my first half and I will do it. I will heal and I will make it and I will never give up!

What’s the next concert you plan on attending?

What do you love to do during the summer?

How do you deal with pain?


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