Longest Run Yet

Today was a good day. I woke up really early and was planning on running 8 miles, even though I was only scheduled to run 6 miles. Once I met up with the team I was set to run 8 miles as long as I felt good, which I did so instead of stopping at 8 I ran 10 miles! Yes 10 miles! I have never run that distance before. Overall, I feel pretty good but my hips are tight. I have been rolling all day, especially with my Tiger Tail. I have also been icing. I can’t lie I am a little worried about tomorrow and how I am going to feel. I have to tell you that with all the running that I have been doing this is the first time that I am so proud of myself. I still can’t believe I ran 10 miles, mentally it feels so good.

image (1)

Later on I tweeted Nike Running back on their post and they told me I rock!


After coming home from my run and I took my shower I was greeted with lots of hugs and kisses from Brianna. There is nothing more then your children showing you love to brighten your day even more.

image (4)

Michael and I went to Whole Foods and picked up some “sumo oranges.” They were so cool. You pull off the top of the orange peel and the rest of the peel cups the orange as if it is sitting in a bowl.

image (5)

We also bought $12 ice cream. Yes it was $12 and yes it was $12 each. I told you that ice cream is my addiction.

image (3)

I love seeing my husband with our girls. Tonight it was so sweet, Michael was coloring with Brianna as they shared a quiet moment while I sat with Isabella while she practiced her flute.

image (6)

image (7)

The evening ended with all of us eating ice cream. Each one of us had our own flavor, only Michael’s and I was $12 a pint and it was worth every penny.

image (8)

How was your Saturday?

Mine was all about family, which couldn’t get any better.

How was your long run?

Do you have any plans for tomorrow?


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