Honored to Be A Mentor

I am flying on cloud nine! Why you ask? Team In Training called me today and asked me to be a mentor for the fall season. I can scream! I know it probably doesn’t sound like much since it is a volunteer position but to me it means the world. In the short month and a half that I have been running with Team In Training I have laughed, cried and made new friends. It has been an experience like no other. The stories, the love, the endurance, and the motivation is more powerful when the Purple Team meets then anywhere you will experience. Everyone that is part of the team is different but the reason we are all there is the same, TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I am honored to be asked and I promise to do my best in mentoring those who choose to make a difference by putting their running shoes on.

Now lets celebrate! Remember you can win your own pair of Pro Compression marathon socks  just my visiting yesterday’s post titled Pro Compression Giveaway

Did you ever run to raise money? If so what what the organization?


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