The Running Gods

It has been a crazy hectic week, unfortunately not much running because work took over my life. On Monday, I did run my fastest 5K, in 27 minutes, but since then the running gods have not been with me. Tuesday, the hubby wasn’t home until 11pm, Wednesday it rained, yesterday it was 20 degrees with almost 30 mph winds. Today is Friday but my daughter is home with me and I can’t leave her to take a run and tomorrow is my scheduled long run. Work took over my life this week with a proposal due today so Wednesday was a 18 hour work day, no joke. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s long run in order to relax and de-stress.

I have started to try a variety of energy items for my long run and so far nothing has stood out. Last Saturday I tried the Honey Stinger Chocolate Waffle. It tasted good, but it was very dry so I needed water to chug it down. I took it about mile 4 and then ran another 6 miles and I really didn’t feel a difference. It tasted good but I wasn’t impressed.

image (3)

For tomorrow I am packing Justin’s single serve nut butter’s and I plan on trying one of those. I love nut butter’s and I am hoping this will provide the energy I need.

image (9)

Have you tried anything different that tastes better then Gu?

What do you rely on for energy during your long runs? 

Were the running gods in your favor this week?

What are your plans for the weekend?

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2 thoughts on “The Running Gods

  1. I cannot do Gu. I just cringe at the thought. I used the Jelly Belly’s for years. Last time I did a marathon I ended up taking these Gatorade energy bites that I really liked. I only used half a pack at about mile 19 and they did the trick and didn’t leave me thirsty. But I tend to be lucky about not needing a lot of extra fuel.

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