Crazy Cardiac Trail

First things first, thanks for everyone who entered the Pro Compression sock giveaway, and I promise to announce the winner tomorrow.

Even though I had a crappy week last week and I didn’t get to run as much as I would of liked to I finished strong. We were back at the beach so the breeze was killer when we first began to run, but it was so nice running part of it on the boardwalk. The sound of all the feet on the boardwalk was really cool. By the time we finished our first 4 miles I had to strip down to just my long sleeves shirt.

My goal was 10 miles while the rest of the team was running 7 and those running San Fran marathon ran 11. For whatever reason when I first got there I was starving, which is usually not the case for me so I actually ate a Justin’s peanut butter packet.

image (4)I ate the honey butter. I asked the question if the PB would be enough energy during the race, but one of the coaches said that isn’t the best choice because it doesn’t have enough carbs and it is higher in fiber which can affect the stomach.  At about 4.5 miles I instead took the Jelly Belly sport beans.

image (3)

I will tell you that the Jelly Belly’s tasted great, but they were difficult to eat. First of all there are a lot in one pack that is equivalent to a Gu. We had stopped for a drink break so I ate them while we chatted. It was taking me forever to eat them and I actually gave some away because it was too many to get down. Not sure if I would be able to eat them while I ran so I am knocking these out of my choices. I was told to try Gu in the flavor of peanut butter and salted caramel so I have purchased both to try.

I ran with one of the coaches that I have been running with, Coach Dennis as well as another member of the team that I have been running with, Adam. They kept talking about a trail that was at the park that everyone called Cardiac Trail. Dennis was trying to get the 2 of us to do it with him as part of our run, Adam wanted nothing to do with it. By mile 9 Dennis convinced us to do it. I was told that it was comprised by 2 really steep hills. The view to get there was beautiful.

image (3) image

I really have no idea what I was thinking attempting to attack a trail called “Cardiac Trail.” Adam backed out last minute and Dennis and I went into the trail by ourselves. By the time we got to the first mountain hill I was thinking what did I get myself into. I was able to run, no jog, okay barely run, my feet were moving, but I was barely going anywhere. Once we started the second hill, I think it was a second hill, couldn’t really tell, all I could think about was when will it end. Dennis was scooting up the hill with no effort, while I was barely moving, I finally quit trying to run up and I walked it as quick as I could, but even that was difficult. Once I got to the top I wanted to do it again, but not on Saturday.

In the end I ran another 10 miles, but even with the crazy cardiac trail I still finished strong and I felt great. I do think the Jelly Beans gave me a little extra energy, because I wasn’t tired like I was at the end of last weeks 10 miles.

I plan on having a much stronger week this week and my goal is to run at least 3 days before Saturday’s run. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

How was your long run?

Is there a Gu flavor you love or truly hate?

What are your running plans this week? 


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