And The Winner Is….

There isn’t a better day then St. Patty’s Day to announce who the lucky Pro Compression winner is, but you will have to wait until the end…..

A little insight on who I am, I am 100% Sicilian. Parents were born and raised in Sicily. My eldest sister went to kindergarten knowing NO English. I grew up speaking Italian in my home and yes I am fluent. Hot right? Just kidding… (about the hot part, I really am fluent). I don’t usually like to celebrate St. Patty’s Day, but of course I have 2 very Italian little girls who love to celebrate so who am I to be the party pooper. Isabella, made us buy Shamrock Ravioli’s the last time we were in Costco and yes they were Green White. So sure enough us Italian’s had Irish Ravioli’s on St. Patty’s Day with very homemade Italian Tomato Sauce.

image (5)

Green, White and Red make an Italian Flag!

Note To Self: Never eat McDonald’s before a run. Okay I didn’t eat right before my run. I was traveling for work today and I ate 2 apples until 2pm today and the only thing around was McDonald’s. I ran tonight at 8pm and all it did was burn my throat. Never again! Don’t do it! I promise you it will hurt.

As mentioned I ran 4.25 miles and my time was pretty good, especially since my body felt like crap. I was tired and I really had to push my legs to go, but I got through it. I am hoping to feel better tomorrow and do another 4 – 5 miles.

So the winner of the Pro Compression sock giveaway is Activeharmony from Contact me directly @ with your contact info in order to have your pair of socks sent to you.

What was the best thing you ever won?

What was the worst thing you ever ate before a run?



One thought on “And The Winner Is….

  1. I was surprised not to see any drunks yesterday around where I live, the Iris Pub was really quiet too.
    The best thing I’ve ever won was a trip to St. Lucia, at a bingo that I didn’t even wanna go.
    Congrats to the winner!

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