It’s Friday!

Can’t believe it is Friday already. Crazy how fast this week went. On Wednesday I drove back from work earlier and was able to get some errands done, including stopping for lunch at Red Mango. Can you say yummy! I love lots of berries and mango in mine with some chocolate chips and mini brownies.

image (9)


Wednesday was also St. Joseph’s and how could I not celebrate with some St. Joseph’s pastries. One of them was filled with cannoli cream and the other with a custard.

image (7)

It has been extremely windy so my great week running ended crappy since I didn’t run yesterday or today. I am set to run 10 miles tomorrow with my team, which I am very excited about.

Did I ever mention that I love my girls. They are kooky and crazy, which is just the way I like them.

image (10)

Tonight Isabella’s school had a book fair and I was in search of the perfect book to use as Brianna’s mystery reader and I think I found it. The book is called Count The Monkey’s by Mac Barnett. Below is a video of the author reading the book and it is very funny.

Watch the video it is adorable and a great book for young children.

5 More Weeks Until DC! So excited! Can’t wait! Coming up so quickly!

What are you excited about?

What is your favorite children’s book?

How many miles do you plan on running this weekend?


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