Crushing The Race

Photo: 35 Days Away

Someone on my Team In Training team posted this on their Facebook page and I had to steal it. This is so true. I will crush those miles and so will the rest of the team. It doesn’t matter how fast or how slow it still equals 13.1 miles and that is a lot of miles. It is its own race for a reason, not because it is half a race, but because it is a full 13.1 race.

Yesterday, I crushed a total of 10.3 miles. I ran with Coach Dom yesterday, instead of Coach Dennis and Dom was on fire! He was not about slow and steady but instead lets see how fast we can run for 10 miles. My goal for the day of the race is keep a pace of 9:30 per mile, we were averaging about 9:10 a mile. Our overall pace, is slower because we started out a little slower, but once we sped up we never stopped.

image (1)

I have to tell you that this was my 3rd 10 mile run and it was my fastest,. I will tell you that I started the day tired, Brianna was up half the night with allergies. I was definitely tired by the end of the run and I definitely felt it yesterday all day. My legs hurt, and I moved very slowly. I did celebrate with ice cream last night, but I was in pain. I iced my hip all day, but I have to tell you that my hip feels great overall. I used my tiger roller all day and I stretched twice. I also took my first ever Gu at mile 5 and I have to say I liked it. I took the peanut butter one and it tasted almost exactly like peanut butter. The only issue was that I kept burping it. I plan on trying salted caramel next week. I need to try to figure out my groove and what I need to do on the day of the race and each week I plan on trying different options. 

Sunday is almost over, which means I am beginning another week, just like the rest of you. Brianna turns 5 on Wednesday so I took the day off. Have lots to do plus I want it to be perfect for her. My weekly runs will not start off great when the day is starting at 22 degrees. It is almost April and it is still freezing. 

What do you have planned this week?

What was the best part of your weekend?

What do you do during your race in order to survive?



4 thoughts on “Crushing The Race

  1. 13.1 is a whole bunch of miles.
    The only thing I can take over a long run/race is water, anything else messes up with my stomach.
    Have a good week!

  2. I’m not liking the fact that you were in pain but at the fact that you’re still KILLING all of your runs, regardless! Way to go.

    I love Gu! Vanilla Bean is my favourite; it tastes like Cadbury Creme Eggs 🙂

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