Negative Splits

Tonight I missed my team. I wasn’t feeling well before my run and my motivation was low. I dreaded running alone, but I dragged my butt out and ran. It was 30 degrees, barely any wind and all of the stars were out. It was a perfect evening for a run, but I didn’t feel that way. I wasn’t sure if I would finish 4 miles today. I tried to stay close to my house just in case I gave up, yes gave up, which I never do.

I completed mile one in 9’20”, not bad for someone who wasn’t feeling great. I continued to run towards mile 2 and my armband fell off, which threw me off course. In order to put it back I slowed down, but then immediately sped up in order to catch up. I didn’t think I ran my second mile as fast as the first but once my Nike+ told me the time I had lost seconds over the first, I was very surprised. I ran mile two in 9’16”. I had 2 more miles to go.

Once I started mile 3 I could tell I had caught a little speed, but wasn’t sure how much, but I knew it was pretty good when my Nike+ told me my average pace was 9’10” after mile 3 was complete. At this point I decided I was going to gun it for mile four and get myself home quicker then I was planning on. I knew I would finish mile four under 9 minutes. In the end mile three was completed in 8’44” and mile four was completed in 8:22. This run ended up being a success. I think this was my first run that I had negative splits for every mile.



As I mentioned in the beginning I still missed my team. I never knew what it was like running with others until I started Team In Training and it is awesome. Runs are more fun, the support is fantastic and the time goes by so much faster. During the week my nightly runs are tough. I usually struggle to get out the door, but once I am out I feel good. Tonight was a night that I really needed the motivation and I didn’t have anyone to push me out the door, I had no one to meet, just myself and the road. On Saturday’s I leave my house at 6:15am without any problems since I have a team to meet. It would be nice to find that companionship during the week.

For now I am stuck going out on my own, maybe if the weather was warmer I would feel better. I read many of your blogs out there and I love to hear your stories of going running with friends and enjoying your runs chatting about life, I envy you and I hope I find that one day.

Do you run alone or with others?

What motivates you to get out the door?


One thought on “Negative Splits

  1. 1 minute difference from mile 1 to the last, really nice!
    I usually workout alone or with my dog, sometimes a friend comes along on a bike, but for the most part I’m a loner.

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