What We Do For Our Kids

The things we do for our kids. Today is Brianna’s birthday. Isn’t she beautiful?


Brianna is 5 today, but she thinks she is 15. Her theme for this year is Frozen, yes like the Disney Movie. In trying to transform my house into Frozen I hung 30, yes 30, snowflakes from my dining room ceiling. As I said the things we do for our kids. The picture really doesn’t do it justice and show how awesome it really is.

image (1)

I am having a hard time with my baby turning 5 and not only do I have to deal with her turning 5 today, but in the mail I received her kindergarten screening date and time. I am so not ready for this.

I have to admit that this week is going to be a crappy week of running. I ran Monday and had great times, but I was supposed to run yesterday and between work, teaching religion, wrapping gifts and hanging snowflakes I never got to it. Today it is about 35 degrees with 30 mile per hour winds. Not sure if I will make it out there, especially with a birthday celebration this evening filled with cake and ice cream. The good thing is that it supposed to warm up tomorrow and the winds supposed to subside. Spring when will you grace us with your presence?

How is your week going?

What is the craziest thing you ever did for someone’s birthday?

How is your training going?


2 thoughts on “What We Do For Our Kids

  1. Happy Birthday to Brianna!
    They grow up so fast, I don’t have any kids, but I can see my niece growing and me getting older lol

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