One Month Away

I am exactly one month away from running my first half marathon. I have the privilege of running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC and excited to do so. So you would think that I would be out running the night away, motivated, energized and ready to go. Nope, instead I am sitting here in my running clothes with my robe writing this post. I have been so tired lately, not sleeping right and constantly up with one of the two girls. Between getting up early for work, running around after work and then settling the house after a long day, my body doesn’t want to go run, it wants to lay around and do nothing.

Help, I need someone to push me out of the house and run with me. My goal is to run tomorrow and then unfortunately run Saturday for my long run. What I really need is someone to kick my butt, does anyone know someone who can come to LI, NY and kick my butt.

Maybe if someone donated lots of money to my my personal page I would get motivated. I am raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in order to help find a cure. So far I have raised $4,500 on my personal page and I am extremely proud of that, but my goal is $5,500. If anyone rich is out there reading this please donate, it is tax deductible.

Now back from a commercial break, I realize I need to kick my own butt into shape and maybe if it warmed up it would be easier. Maybe I should just stop making excuses and just run.

Any ideas on how to get me out the door?

What do you do when you are in a runner’s slump?

Ideas on how to raise more money for a great cause?



8 thoughts on “One Month Away

  1. I think you are doing great with the fundraising and it’s such a great cause.
    As for someone to kick your ass, I don’t think you need it. You have the right to feel like that every now and then. I don’t have any kids to care for and yet feel dead when I get home after work.
    The video that slowlyrunningfast shared is the perfect motivation.

    • Gabrielle, thanks so much! I am really excited, it is actually my first half and I heard DC is awesome. I will look for you but I am sure you will be in a different Corral then me, you run much faster then me 🙂

  2. Sometimes running just has to take a backseat when our lives get hectic. It is just a hobby after all. For me, I follow some badass people on instagram/wordpress who are out doing 10 miles at 5AM on Monday mornings – it makes me refuse to slack off.

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