Finish As Friends

The last 48 hours have been crazy. Thank you for the positive comments. Yesterday was a crap shoot in terms of weather, but I went out there and ran a short 2 miles, but they were fast. I didn’t feel great after it and I was a little deflated.

image (1)

What made me feel better was going to lunch with my hubby at this new crepe place.  Since it is Lent we couldn’t eat meat on Friday so I had a spinach, goat cheese and strawberry crepe and my husband had an egg with veggies. They were so yummy. Now did you think I would leave without having a dessert creme? Michael and I shared a S’mores crepe, which was delicious. Sorry I didn’t take pictures. Totally forgot.

Now today is Saturday. I know you are all dying to know how my run was and it was awesome!

image (2)image (3)

Our pace was 9.11 which is awesome because if I keep that pace I am close to a Sub 2, which would be awesome, but I don’t want to burn out either. Prior to the race I at a Justin’s PB packet. At mile 3 I ate a Gu, a caffeinated Salted Caramel and it was delicious. At mile 6 I ate a peanut butter Gu and I think day of race I will take one more at mile 9. I think they really did the trick. I felt great. I felt so much better this week then last week. I was able to really keep up with “fast group” and actually by mile 6 myself and another teammate  took off. We pushed passed mile 10 and and sprinted the last bit. It was such a great run and an awesome motivation.

I know I keep saying this, but I have made such wonderful friends and I see a full marathon in my future. I love this experience, this trip, this race. This is just the beginning. I don’t care if you are  a professional runner or a first time runner experiencing a team run, a fundraising run should be on your bucket list. I can’t wait to be a mentor next season.

What is on your bucket list?

How was your long run?

Have you done a fundraiser run? If so what charity?


3 thoughts on “Finish As Friends

  1. Great job! I’m actually planning to pop into a local running group’s session on Wednesday and see how I like it. Bucket list race would be NYC Marathon (I didn’t get into the lottery this year, so will keep trying). My long run yesterday (10 miles) felt great – a lot like yours sounds.

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