Moscato Wine and Laughs

This weekend was crazy hectic. After a weekend of partying for my little girl I am tired, a good tired.

Yesterday, we had Brianna’s “family” party with a total of 19 people. Our plan was to BBQ delicious marinated skirt steak and Schickhaus hot dogs (best hot dogs ever) on our new grill that was supposed to arrive yesterday morning. After Lowe’s screwed up the delivery and Michael was on the phone with them 15 times it finally arrived at 2pm and we were eating by 3:30pm. Talk about flying by the seat of our pants.

Food was great and the company was awesome. After lots of moscato wine, cake, ice cream and laughs the party ended, but not before some fun and adorable pictures were taken.


The birthday girl after lots of ice cream!


My beautiful neice


My girls and I.




Best Friends


My big girl.

After a rainy, but great weekend we woke up to snow, yes snow. It took me 2 and half hours to get to work today and the roads were terrible. It was so bad that my wipers froze and stopped working. I had to pull over and clean them off before they would move again. The best part is that it supposed to get to 50 degrees and sunny, lets see what happens. I plan on running tonight, extremely motivated after Saturday’s awesome long run. I will update you later.

How was your weekend?

Anything exciting happen? 

How is your training going?


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