Shoe Angels

photo (3)So my day started with a snow storm. Yes, it is March 31st and yes we got 6 inches of snow, and yes at 5pm today it was 50 degrees. Can you say crazy! The snow was so heavy and so wet that my wipers froze to the point that they stopped moving, I had to pull over on the highway and clean them off. I really am done with this weather, I may just get lucky enough to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC.

I was looking forward to running tonight and I did. It was supposedly 43 degrees out and the wind was supposedly 6 miles per hour, well they were wrong. It didn’t feel as warm as said and at times the wind was rough. I was glad that I took my portable hood with me. I did take off my gloves.

I ran a total of 4.2 miles and overall it was a great run. I started slow and steady, but picked up speed with every mile and I finished under 9 minute miles.

image (5)

Overall, it was a good run and hopefully the last run with snow on the ground.

image (2)

Shoe Angels!

Less then a month a way from running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon with Team In Training and I feel great. I am excited and energized. I know I can do this and I think I can do it well. I still don’t have a time expectation but I do think I can run it faster then I thought. I have made wonderful friends and look forward to crossing the finish line with them. Once again it has been an amazing experience.


How is the weather by you?

Have you made any new friends because of running?

When and where is your next race?



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