What A Tuesday!

The beginning of my day was terrible. Between rain, traffic, forgetting my daughter’s backpack at home, I thought I would never get to work. Finally, since I was running so late to begin with I decided I was going to go buy my Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS watch that I have been itching to buy. I purchased it at Dick’s Sporting Good Store. The watch retails for $250, but I was able to use a $15.00 off coupon and I opened a Dick’s card and got 10% off. They also told me if I go back with a tax exempt form they would remove the sales tax. Once I get the sales tax back the watch will cost me $110.

Later on I was driving home and my phone dinged and it was a new tweet. A new tweet? I was surprised and sure enough it was a tweet from Trista Sutter, the first TV bachlorette,  that she had made a donation to my run. I officially have a celebrity donation! How cool is that!?!

The day just got better. I made the most delicious smoothie this afternoon. It was mango, banana and pineapple with Coconut Almond Milk. It tasted like a Pina Colada, so delicious. In my mailbox was the latest edition of Runner’s World and the cover model was wearing the Nike sports bra that I purchased to wear in DC. Tell me that isn’t a sign? A sign for an amazing race!


Tonight I put my new watch to good use. At first I paused the watch about 3 times before I realized it was actually on. It was so nice being able to see my pace on my wrist instead of having to check my arm. I have to say I love it! The run was a great run, 5 miles at a 8:49 pace. It felt great. I didn’t feel tired and the weather was perfect. It was warm, but with a breeze, a perfect night run.

photo (2)

How was your Tuesday? 

What are you looking forward to? 

How is your running going this week?



One thought on “What A Tuesday!

  1. How awesome does that watch look? I love that Garmin has started making smaller and much cooler looking watches. I love your new watch! Congrats on the celeb supporter…pretty cool!

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