Running Playlist

I am not one who changes my playlist that often. I will listen to the same songs over and over. Part of it is that as I begin to run I become engulfed in my own thoughts that I forget I am even listening to music. Right now I am listening to the following songs as I run, but don’t expect me to update this that often because my playlist doesn’t get updated that often.

Katy Perry Roar
Katy Perry Dark Horse
Delta Rae Run
Ellie Goulding Burn
Pink Walk of Shame
Avicii Wake Me Up
One Direction Strong
Hunter Hayes I Want Crazy
Pink Blow Me One Last Kiss
Kelly Clarkson Stronger
Glee Soundtrack Light Up The World
Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie
Karmin Brokenhearted
Philip Philips Gone, Gone, Gone
Glee Soundtrack Loser Like Me
Train Marry Me
Pink Slut Like You


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