Celebrity Tweet

First of all Happy Sibling Day! I have 2 sisters and 1 sister in law and I love them all the same. I am the youngest of my sisters and my sister in law are 2 months apart. Hugs and kisses to them.

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I am 2 days away from BIG Saturday with Team In Training. We are running 12 miles, our last and longest run before race day. Today was my last run before Saturday and I completed 4 miles at an overall pace of 8’53.” I have completed 25.3 miles so far in April (only 10 days in!). It was a good run, but not as good as my run earlier this week.

I started the day having a green smoothie and a cup of watermelon, which I heard is great for recovery. A blog I follow (actually one of my favorites) Run.Eat.Repeat. loves watermelon and taught me that. I have another cup ready for tomorrow.


This afternoon I had some surprising news. I received a $100 donation from Jamie Deen, as in Jamie and Bobby Deen, Paula Deen’s son. He not only gave me a donation but tweeted me back and retweeted my tweet. I was so excited. I thought how cool is that?!? You never know where a donation will come from. I have tweeted a bunch of celebrities here and there with my run info and so far I received 2, two that I would of never expected to receive. It just goes to show how down to earth some celebrities are and how they actually read their tweets.


Did you ever receive a tweet from a celebrity?

How is your running going?

What is your weekend goal?



One thought on “Celebrity Tweet

  1. Never received a celebrity tweet so I will live vicariously through you. Even better is what he tweeted for. Congrats. Very excited for you and your race! Good luck and have a great time!

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