TNT Super Saturday

Team In Training Super Saturday did not disappoint. The goal was to run 12 miles and my personal goal was to run without stopping.

I woke up at 4:30am with a killer headache, which I blame on the glass of wine I had last night while we were out. I got up took 2 over the counter migraine medicine and then tried to go back to sleep, in which I was unsuccessful. At 5am I got up and made myself a cup of coffee with the goal to relieve myself, and it worked! Sorry too many details? I then took a shower, got dressed and ate a banana. Isabella was planning on coming with so I woke her up and helped her get ready. The rest I shall share in photos.

Cara and I met at the TNT Kickoff and we became friends very quickly. It was so nice having someone to drive with every Saturday, especially on those 19 degree days.



Cara’s daughter and Isabella became fast friends. They were setup at mile 3.5 and 8.5 on the return. They were adorable. They wrote all over the path with chalk, screamed and yelled and gave everyone high fives! It was so awesome seeing their little faces as we ran!





Mentor Paul with 3 of his mentees including myself. Yes I wore shorts and a tank and it was perfect weather.




Paul’s daughter took a liking to Isabella and told her “Your my new best friend.”


Future Team In Training Team Members.


Having Isabella there made it extra special to me.


Such an amazing day. The weather was perfect. The company was perfect. I cannot wait until race day in 2 weeks. Looking forward to #werundc and being reunited with my Purple Family.

How was your long run?

Have you ever participated in a Team?

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One thought on “TNT Super Saturday

  1. I love that you got to share your long run as a family. How special. I always think it great for kids to grow up seeing running as fun and not a chore. By the way, I look forward to my morning coffee for the same reason. Plus I just love the smell and warmth. I often wonder how people who don’t drink coffee get started!

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